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Medical Check result

The result of a medical Check can impact a worker’s rights. These impacts depend on the worker’s status, his or her employment contract, the rules set up internally in your organisation, etc.

In the private sector, for an employee whose work incapacity is included in his or her guaranteed salary period, the possible impacts are :

In case of a confirmation

If the doctor confirms the length of the working incapacity estimated in his/her medical certificate, the employee is entitled to his/her guaranteed salary for the entire period of incapacity.

In case of an early return

If the doctor considers that the worker is able to return to work earlier than originally planned, he/she may go back to work on the date prescribed by the doctor. If he/she does not do so, he/she loses his/her right to the guaranteed salary from that date.

However, the worker has the right to disagree with the opinion of the control doctor. In such a case, he/she must inform the control doctor and will then be given the opportunity to initiate an arbitration procedure. For more information on this procedure, please refer to our FAQ. 

In case of no show

If the employee does not show up at the doctor's office to carry out his/her medical Check, the employee loses their right to the guaranteed salary for the entire incapacity period.

In the public sector and for any other status, please contact your HR department, which will help you concerning the implications of the Check result for an employee depending on their status, their employment contract and the internal rules of your organisation.

Please don't hesitate to contact our team if you have any further questions.

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