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A Medical Check ?

What is a medical control?

During the working incapacity of any worker, the employer has the right to carry out a medical control and have a second and independ doctor control if the worker is able to go back to work.

What is the difference between a medical Check and medical control?

A Check is a reevaluation of a working incapacity. The Check has 3 particularities: (1) It takes place at a doctor’s office in an environment that is adequate for a medical evaluation ; (2) It is scheduled in advance with the employee and promotes trust between colleagues ; (3) It occurs at an optimal time to have a true and measurable impact on absenteeism, typically during the second half of the working incapacity.

Making a Check request

How can I request a medical Check?

Just go to https://www.medicheck.io/ and click on the “Launch a Check” button in the top right hand corner. Take a minute to complete the form and click “Send”. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your request finds us. It’s as simple as that.

Can I request a Check without being client?

If you are not a client yet but would like to launch a Check just click the “Launch my first Check” button. Leave your contact information and a team member will get back to you within the hour.

How much does a medical Check cost?

It completely depends on the size of the pack you would like to purchase and the amount of Checks you make on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to find which solution is best suited to your business.

Types of medical Checks

What is the difference between an optimized and immediate Check?

An Optimized Check allows us to plan the Check at the best moment in the working incapacity period to maximize the rate of early returns of employees. We recommend this approach for several reasons: (1) Because the worker might have had the time to recover early from his or her incapacity, making an optimized Check more effective than an immediate one ; (2) So that the worker has enough time to get organised to get to his or her Check ; (3) It assures that doctors at proximity will be available since the appointment is taken well in advance. An Immediate Check is organised as fast as possible.

When can I request an optimized Check?

Always although an optimized Check is most effective for longer periods of working incapacities (more than 3 days). If the Check has to be organised within 2 days after the request, it is automatically registered as an immediate Check. The same goes when the end date of the incapacity is unknown because we don’t want to risk checking a worker when their incapacity has already ended.

Can I suggest when I wish the Check to occur?

Yes. Don’t hesitate to mention it to us in the last section of the request form (“Information for the control doctor”). We’ll do our best to find a timing that suits your needs.

When should I choose a Check at the doctor’s office?

We encourage you to always select a Check at the doctor’s office because this approach is more respectful for employees and is in line with the positive mindset we promote.

Will the Check be earlier if I choose to request it at the employee’s house?

No, on the contrary. Most of our doctors have more availabilities for consultations at their offices, allowing us to book Checks on short notice.

When should I choose a Check at the employee’s house?

Checks should only be organized at the employee's house if his or her medical certificate specifies that leaving the house is forbidden.

Launch a Check

What informations are required for me to launch a Check?

When launching a Check, you will either have to choice to upload the medical certificate directly on the platform or, if you don’t have it in a digital format, to enter the main information by hand. In that case, the only information that is required is the beginning date of the working incapacity. Other information can be provided but are not mandatory.

Should I wait to have the medical certificate to launch a Check?

No, a Check request can be made before having received the certificate. If the end date of the incapacity is thus unknown, the Check will automatically become an immediate Check.

Process of the Check

What is the process of the Check ?

Check out the entire process here.

Who is the doctor making the Check?

Medicheck works with a network of general practitioners that are in line with our positive vision all throughout Belgium. We always recruit and adapt the network depending on companies’ needs.

Modify a Check request

Can I modify or cancel a Check request?

Checks can only be cancelled or modified more than 24h in advance simply because we cannot cancel doctors’ appointment after that point. To cancel or modify a Check, ask via email at notification@medicheck.io. In case of a cancellation, handling fees of 50% of the price of the Check will still be charged to the company.

Can an employee ask to modify the timing of his/her Check?

Unless it is for medical purposes (i.e. having another doctor appointment during the Check), the timing of a Check cannot be changed by the employee. The demand has to come from the employer.

Reports of the Checks

Can I get reports of the Checks executed?

Yes, of course. We provide custom reports for clients whenever they ask. Just contact notification@medicheck.io for more information.

How can I keep track of my credit consumption?

Your level of credits can always be found at the end of any Check results emails. If you would like to have a detailed list of your credit consumption, don’t hesitate to contact notification@medicheck.io.