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Medical controles and absenteeism insights for companies and HR employees

The first web platform to digitize medical control

Solution for


You wish to launch a Check request as soon as possible? 

Medicheck always ensures a quick service, even if you are not a client yet.


Medicheck’s benefits

Someone returning to work

Early Returns

Our approach of optimized Checks allows you to maximize the rates of early returns and to reduce your absenteeism efficiently

Overview medical control results

Immediate Results

Our app for doctors allows companies to receive Checks results immediately and to optimize their employee management

Ease of use of our platform represented on three devices

Ease of Use

Make your Check request in 3 clicks from our platform which is intuitive and accessible from all devices

Positive aproach

Positive Approach

We have developed an approach that is respectful to employees because we reduce the intrusive effect and the negative surprise that is traditionally associated with medical control while increasing the rate of early return.


Our ambition is to enhance the trust between employers and employees and to enhance the  value of early returns to work.


The Steps of a Medical Check

1. Request

medicheck website homepage

Go to our website and request your medical Check

2. Planning

We determine the best time for the Check to maximize the rate of early returns

3. Organization

Our matching tool connects an employee with a doctor nearby

notification for patient when he has a medical check at the doctors office

4. Notification

The employee is notified in advance of the date and location of the Check by SMS

Notification of the check results directly after the check

5. Result

When the doctor provides the results, you are notified of the return date of the employee

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